Tyldwick Tarot

Malpertuis Lenormand


A completely original concept, the Tyldwick Tarot has been declared an "Essential Deck" by experts at Tarot Professionals.

Over five years in the making, the Tyldwick Tarot was finally published in 2013 to great acclaim. Since its publication it has continued to divide opinion in the Tarot world, attracting devotees and detractors in equal measure. The deck was conceived as a luxury item: it is printed on the highest quality stock and cards are edged with genuine French gold.

Limited edition of 2000

Inspired by antique oil paintings and watercolours, this deck was voted 2014's Lenormand of the year by Tarot Professionals.

My first Lenormand deck, the Malpertuis Lenormand was published in 2014.  Although originally intended as a companion to the Tyldwick Tarot, the deck can also be used as an independent deck. It has proved popular with Lenormand novices and experts alike. The deck includes extra Man and Woman cards and an additional wildcard. Cards are edged with dark gilt.

Limited edition of 1000

Lothrop Lenormand

Chelsea Lenormand

A deck designed for lovers of old, dirty cards, the Lothrop Lenormand draws on aquatints and antique engravings.

This deck is available in two editions - a full colour version designed in the style of Victorian aquatints, and a black and white version which recalls old lithographs. A larger sized deck, it has proved especially popular with Lenormand beginners. The deck includes extra Man and Woman cards and an additional wildcard. Cards are edged with dark gilt.

Limited edition of 1000 (750 coloured, 250 uncoloured)

Channelling the Arts & Crafts movement, the Chelsea Lenormand incorporates elements of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

This deck draws its inspiration from the aesthetic movement, with bold designs recalling posters and flyleaves of the period. The deck comes in two different colour palettes (a 'Blue' and 'Red' version). It includes extra Man and Woman cards and an additional Joker. The deck is packaged in a tin box with golden interior and includes a full colour 40 page booklet.

Limited edition of 1000 (500 blue, 500 red)

Old Arabian Lenormand

Silson Lenormand

Inspired by travels in the Middle East, the Old Arabian Lenormand is a tribute to the romance of historic Arabia.

An unashamed exercise in exoticism, this lush deck aims to capture the beauty of the Middle East and the African Maghreb. Drawing on my own experiences and travels, it features vivid depictions of the art, architecture, flora, and fauna of Arabia. The deck includes extra Man and Woman cards and an additional wild card. Cards are edged with dark gilt.

Limited edition of 1000

An imagined historical fantasy, the Silson Lenormand was voted 2015's Lenormand of the year by Tarot Professionals.

What if Lenormand was 400 years older - older even than the earliest Tarot decks? Such was the genesis of this deck, which channels mediaeval manuscripts and illuminations. A slightly smaller (bridge sized) deck, it is available in both coloured and uncoloured editions. The deck includes extra Man and Woman cards and an additional Fool card.

Limited edition of 1000 (750 coloured, 250 uncoloured)


Malpertuis Bridge J7

A fun, retro deck which draws on vintage graphics from Eastern Europe, the Retroracle is an expanded (54-card) oracle.

Inspired by the more ephemeral end of European graphic design, this deck includes not only the traditional 36 Lenormand cards but also an additional 16 cards, so creating a full-sized deck which can be used both as an oracle and as a bright, quirky deck for standard card game play. Packaged in a hardboard box, the deck includes a 72-page instruction booklet.

Limited edition of 1000

A stylised bridge deck, designed both for cartomancy and traditional game play.

My first deck of 'ordinary' playing cards, I created the J7 to provide readers who are interested in cartomancy with a more interesting and individual alternative to the standard decks available. The deck is heavily stylised and incorporates my own treatments of the classic French attributions to the Court cards. The deck includes Red and Black Jokers.

Limited edition of 1000

Poker K25

Legend of the Wizard Laird

Inspired the the classic Scottish folktale, the Legend of the Wizard Laird is a darkly gothic Lenormand deck.

Drawing on the legends surrounding the Wizard Laird of Skene, this is a more sinister deck than I've previously designed and should appeal to all those for a taste for the uncanny and the macabre. The deck will be available in larger and smaller card sizes, and will include a full-colour booklet outlining the possible history behind the myth.

Available early 2017

A new poker deck, incorporating kaleidoscopic patterns.

A purely decorative deck, I've created the K25 simply as a fun exercise in graphic design. This colourful deck is based around modernist geometric patterns, rather than any particular historic symbolism - so something of a departure for me. All the card designs are already complete, with just the box now left to design. I'm aiming to have the deck ready to publish as soon as possible in 2017.

Available early 2017

Motley Tarot

Tarot Fresco

My major project for 2016-17, the Motley Tarot will be my first Tarot deck since completing the Tyldwick Tarot.

Now that the Lenormands I've been working on are all complete, I'm finally able to devote much more attention to this bigger project - and I'm hoping that its development will now be rather faster than it's been to date! I'll be creating a page for this deck soon on which I hope to post more regular reports on the deck's progress.

Availability to be confirmed in due course

I'm working on this deck alongside the Motley Tarot, and am hoping to have it complete some time during 2017.

This deck is panning out to be a more traditional Tarot deck, with a strong leaning towards flora and fauna. I'm working my way slowly through the Minor pips first before I tackle the Major Arcana.

Availability to be confirmed in due course

Details coming soon

Details coming soon