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Brief weekly thoughts about a card drawn from a Malpertuis deck - about its creation, factors to consider when it appears in a reading, or whatever other random ideas it may prompt

Six of Coins 8th May 2018
from the Tyldwick Tarot (2013)

My heart always sinks whenever I'm in church and see 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' on the hymnsheet: I've never been able to understand how a song which is so impossible to sing for most people (at least those with a limited range like mine) ever established itself as a favourite. The low notes are too low, the high notes are too high: you can hear the congregation straining.

I only noticed quite recently that in recent years a verse which was still included during my childhood has generally disappeared - The rich man in his castle / The poor man at his gate / He made them high, or lowly / And ordered their estate. It's obvious why it's quietly slipped out of use - even when I was younger it struck me as somewhat odd to find a hymn endorsing the class system and laying the credit (rather than the blame) for it at God's own door. He ordered their estate - really? Drawing the Six of Coins this week, and thinking about those missing lines, made me remember the intentions I had - several years ago now - when I designed the card for the Tyldwick Tarot.

The card is usually read as advising balanced attitudes to money, and as a warning against money becoming too important within one's life. I can certainly relate to that. Throughout my life I've known people (and have to an extent myself lived) across an entire spectrum of incomes, and I'm quite convinced that extreme wealth often provides no surer a guarantee of happiness than extreme poverty. Having too much can become as much of a trap as having too little. Sometimes it's the case that the more you have, the more you need (with the damage to the soul that eventually causes). Sometimes it's that the more you have, the more you feel you have to lose (with all the stress and worry attached to that). Far wiser, perhaps, to avoid going too high or too low - because too far up or down the scale and you'll end up hurting your throat.


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