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Latest updates from the Malpertuis studio

26th April 2017

Wizard Laird update

I know from the volume of enquiries I've received that there's a great deal of anticipation around the Legend of the Wizard Laird Lenormand, and I can only apologise that it's taking so long to complete. I'm glad to say that I'm now getting close to having the deck finished - many months after I'd originally intended.

Fellow designers will know that there's always a certain amount of backward and forwards involved in creating a deck: thinking that the job's nearly done, then looking at it again and deciding that there's something about specific cards - or even the deck as a whole - which still just isn't quite right. It's happened to a certain degree with every deck I've created, but with the Wizard Laird my doubts and dissatisfactions have been especially troublesome. At certain points I have just needed to put the deck aside and let it lay fallow for a while. On top of this, I've recently had to have many more breaks from the project than normal - partly to do with issues happening outside work as much as the deck itself - which has also affected its progress.

Over the next few weeks I'll be devoting myself exclusively to this deck - finessing the final card designs, creating the LWB, and exploring packaging options. I hope to keep everyone updated much more regularly now the project's back on course.

See more details about the deck on its own page here.

26th April 2017

Printed certificates

All decks from Malpertuis have always included a downloadable certificate including the deck number and the name provided at the time of purchase.

While these digital certificates will of course remain available on request, going forward all purchases will include a printed certificate - removing the need for owners to download and print them off.

Certificates are printed on highest quality photo paper and are 6" x 4".

4th April 2017

A note on progress

Apologies for the lack of recent updates, both here and on the Malpertuis Facebook and Twitter feeds. The passing of two friends, a close relative taking extremely ill, and personally being laid low with an especially nasty virus throughout all of February and early March have together made for a difficult first three months of the year.

Some people find inspiration in difficult times - indeed, some actually seem to need pressure and conflict to stir their creativity - but I'm unfortunately not one of them. I've therefore found it  impossible to work properly through this stressful period.

At least the clouds now appear to be lifting. The Poker K25 deck is now complete and printed (see below), and is as of now available to order. I'm back to work (again!) on revisions to the Legend of the Wizard Laird deck - and its packaging and booklet - so I hope to have the deck complete and published soon. I'll be updating the deck's page as I complete the revised designs.  I'll also be getting back into the routine of writing up a weekly card draw as soon as possible.

19th January 2017


Some time ago I was interviewed by Heru Jerome of Worthy Tarot about my life and work, particularly the Tyldwick Tarot. It was a long conversation covering many things - inspirations, ambitions, and frustrations alike.

Jerome's now kindly transcribed and published it on his site - and it can be read in full here.

Best wishes and thanks Jerome!

4th April 2017

Poker K25 shipping

I'm pleased to announce that the Malpertuis Poker K25 deck is now available to order and ready to ship.

The deck's page includes all the usual features - more information about the background to the deck, a gallery, and a simulator which includes a number of traditional cartomancy spreads.

The deck has been printed in a limited edition of 1000. The first 100 orders received will also include a set of six full colour A6 postcards featuring selected images from the deck (shown left).

For a limited time, this deck will also be available in a discounted double package with the Bridge J7 deck - please visit the store page for deck and shipping prices.

See more details about the deck on its own page here.

18th December 2016

Bye 2016, Hello 2017

2016 has provided a mix of satisfaction and frustration for me. I was very pleased to publish the Silson Lenormand (after an extremely long development) at the turn of the year, and I was delighted that it later received an award from Tarot Professionals, an organisation I much respect. I'm also glad that I produced the Retroracle (a more personal and ambitious oracle deck than I'd previously designed) and my first set of traditional playing cards, the Malpertuis Bridge J7. I'm also happy that - after many false starts - I was able to launch this new website.

I've been disappointed that I've not yet managed to publish the Legend of the Wizard Laird - this deck has been hovering on the brink of completion for a long time and I'm determined to get the deck finished early in 2017. At times I've reached such a level of impatience with this deck that I've been tempted to publish and be damned - but I've managed to resist the temptation in the knowledge that the deck can still be improved. After Christmas, I'm going to undertake a comprehensive re-evaluation of this deck and I'm hoping that all those who've expressed such interest in it won't have to wait much longer.

I've also made far less progress on my two new Tarot projects than I'd hoped. I've realised recently than while I find it quite easy to work on Lenormand decks simultaneously, a Tarot deck demands much more exclusive attention. So I'll be working on these decks as soon as the Wizard Laird is completed.

I've been constantly amazed by the ongoing interest in my work and the many kind messages and pieces of positive feedback I've received throughout the year. Many thanks for all your thoughtful messages. I hope to live up to your expectations in 2017.

Happy Christmas and a great New Year!

1st December 2016

New Poker K25 page

The card designs for this deck are now all complete. I'm planning on publishing it early in 2017.

This is a much simpler deck than I've previously created and it's been great fun to work on a deck which is more purely an exercise in design. That said, I've not been able to repress my appetite for symbolism entirely. The palette for the deck therefore adopts the traditionally accepted seasonal attributions for the four suits: Hearts are Spring, Clubs are Summer, Diamonds are Autumn, and Spades are Winter.

The new page includes all the usual features - more information about the background to the deck, a gallery, and a spread simulator. There is also the option to reserve a copy of the deck.

See more details about the deck on its own page here.

31st October 2016

now shipping

* Previously called the Sputnik Oracle

I'm pleased to announce that the Retroracle is now available to order and ready to ship.

This oracle is based on Lenormand, but expands the traditional 36 cards to a full 54-card deck (full suits, plus two Jokers). While it can of course be used as a conventional Lenormand deck, the extra cards have been conceived in an attempt to fill in some of the more obvious gaps within Lenormand. The booklet (78 pages, printed in full colour) which accompanies the deck includes full meanings for all these extra cards.

This fun, light-hearted deck has been designed in a deliberately retro style inspired by vintage postwar graphics from Eastern Europe. I've gone through many test pressings and revisions to the designs in order to reproduce as closely as possible the texture and feel of graphics from the period.

The deck has been printed in a limited edition of 1000. The first 100 orders received will also include a set of six specially designed postcards (shown here).

See more details about the deck on its own page here.

31st October 2016

Malpertuis Bridge J7
now shipping

Produced simultaneously with the Retroracle, the Malpertuis Bridge J7 deck - my first deck of 'ordinary' playing cards - is now also available to order.

I created this deck for two reasons. First, I'd never previously designed a conventional deck of playing cards and found the prospect intriguing. Second, as my own interest in traditional cartomany has developed, I've found myself somewhat disappointed with the variety of decks which lend themselves to this specific purpose. While there are of course many hundreds, if not thousands, of different playing card decks available - many of them beautifully designed - I was struck by the feeling that very few of them seemed very suitable for cartomancy. Either the overall theme of the deck is so strong that it can be difficult to remain neutral when reading specific cards, or the cards are simply too busy and involved. I therefore - as is always the genesis for all of the decks I've designed - decided that I'd create my own deck for this purpose.

While the deck is of course much simpler than Tarot or Lenormand, I wanted to acknowledge the heritage and history of traditional playing cards - even though I was was working in a modern style. The four suits therefore follow the elemental correspondences traditionally associated with them (Spades as Fire, Hearts as Water, etc.). More specifically, I created the court cards to reflect their classic French attributions (Caesar, Charles, Alexander, etc.)

See more details about the deck on its own page here.

24th October 2016

Wizard Laird update

A long overdue update on the Legend of the Wizard Laird deck, for whose lateness I apologise - especially since I know from enquiries and reservations that there's a lot of interest in this deck.

After a great deal of thought - and reflecting on feedback I've received on both sides of the argument - I've decided to make this deck available in two different sizes: a larger size (70mm x 120mm) for those who prefer larger cards in order better to appreciate the artwork, and a smaller size (57.5mm x 89mm) for those who are more concerned with the practical issue of cards fitting into bigger spreads such as the Grand Tableau.

Inevitably preparing two sizes of card has slowed down the design process somewhat, and while making these adjustments I've been taking the opportunity to reassess the overall feel of the deck and to replace some cards with which I wasn't completely satisfied. The deck's own page now includes a simulator in order for the curious to see how the deck works within a number of different Lenormand spreads.

I'm still considering different packaging options (I'd like to present this deck in something more than a conventional tuckbox) and am yet to prepare the accompanying booklet, but I'm expecting the deck to be published within the next two months, and at the latest early next year. I'll be posting further updates here when the deck's nearer to being published.

See more details, including the most recent card designs, on the deck's own page here .

24th October 2016

New project:
Poker K25

I very much enjoyed creating the Bridge J7 deck (see above), and so have already started work on another new deck of conventional cards. This time it's a purer 'design' project, where I'm simply enjoying the process of creating cards without worrying about getting tangled up in card history or symbolism.

I've made fairly rapid progress with the deck and now have only the courts and jokers left to design.

I'll be creating a new page for this deck in due course (when the remaining cards are complete) and will post updates here and on Facebook when the deck is close to being published.

17th October 2016

Silson Lenormand wins award

I was delighted and flattered earlier this year when the Silson Lenormand was voted 2015's best self-published Lenormand by members of Tarot Professionals. The Tarosophy awards are nominated and voted by many hundreds of tarot professionals worldwide, and it was all the more humbling to have the deck (democratically!) recognised by real collectors and readers.

Ever since it was published late last year, I've myself received especially kind feedback about the Silson Lenormand from customers - which has of course been much appreciated. It was a difficult deck to complete, so I'm delighted that the hard work which went into its creation has been justified in the enjoyment and positive experiences readers tell me that they've received from the deck.

See more details about the deck on its own page here.

17th October 2016

New site and store

Welcome to the new Malpertuis website - I hope the new design is to everyone's liking! I have been working on it for some time and am pleased that I've finally been able to launch it.

The site has been completely redesigned, with new high-res images for bigger monitors, and is now also compatible (in a slightly simpler version) for mobile.

One of the most important additions to the site is a new store page. I've received many mails over the past couple of years from customers wishing to buy multiple decks (which the previous site didn't allow), so am glad that I've at last been able to offer visitors this facility.

I'm sure that over the coming weeks, some glitches will come to light - so if you encounter any problems with the site do please let me know and I'll do my best to solve them.